The Beverly Hills MD full review

Beverly Hills MD is a wide range of products called as ‘cosmaceuticals’. The word ‘cosmaceutical’ is a combination of two words i.e. ‘pharmaceutical’ and cosmetic’. This term is created to establish the fact that a certain beauty product also possesses medicinal benefits.

Beverly Hills MD cosmaceuticals are developed by two plastic surgeons Dr Payman Danielpour and Dr John Layke. The surgeons claim that these products have literally revolutionized the anti-aging technology, and possess no harmful adverse effects.

Let’s take a look at different products of Beverly Hills MD and how to work to provide anti-aging benefits.

Venox Anti-Aging Serum

This product contains a synthetic polypeptide SYN-AKE, which decreases the involuntary muscular contractions, and potentiates new collagen production within the skin tissues, which increases the skin elasticity, and results in fresh, firmer skin.